About Us

SpanishAvo is born from the idea that Manuel Navas had more than 20 years ago; a period in which olive cultivation predominated throughout the area of ​​La Axarquia (Malaga) in southern Spain, where he wanted to try new crops suited to the tropical climate of the area.

Hence, an annual production of avocados was born and today this idea is carried out by his nephew Carlos Navas together with his friend Yusa Batal, who met during their time in London in 2014 when they worked together in the world of hospitality It was there that his idea of ​​taking the avocado from Nerja and Frigiliana (Malaga) to London, where there was a large consumption of this fruit.

The goal of Spanish Avo is to maintain the tradition of avocado picking that Manuel Navas started by taking it from the fields of southern Spain directly to the kitchens of an international market.