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SpanishAvo is born from the idea that Manuel Navas had more than 20 years ago; a period in which olive cultivation predominated throughout the area of ​​La Axarquia (Malaga) in southern Spain, where he wanted to try new crops suited to the tropical climate of the area.

How We Do

We source Spanish avocados right from the beginning of their season, direct from small-scale producers outside Nerja. Their farms lie in citrus grove, just at the break between the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.


Natural Foods

Our Avocado growers & farmers only in Malaga, to bring Hass avocado from November till June, without undercutting the farmer.

You love healthy and natural Avocados!

You can add them to salads and various recipes or simply scoop them out with a spoon and eat them plain.
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Be a mindful consumer and see a change through your sustainable choices of your everyday products.

Consumer awareness is key, and guidance on using understandable measures of sustainability is an important part of becoming responsible consumers.
Unfortunately, the rise of the avocado has displaced forests because of increased production, with the incentive of increased profit leading to an environmental impact.

However, The Spanish production focuses on the Hass variety, one of the most marketed worldwide, the freshness of Spanish avocados is obviously higher due to their proximity, which also reduces the carbon footprint, and for reasons like this, retailers are betting more and more on local products and Spain is an increasingly essential supplier in Europe.

Spanish Avo is grown in stacked layers in controlled environments and our farmers are certified growers and responsible for the area’s environment and the well-being of its inhabitants.

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